Student Performance Improves & Teachers Save Time
With More Efficient e-learning Tools

INET Classroom is all about specific tools for the classroom to help teachers access the vast resources of the Internet to achieve specific learning objectives. With professional Doctorate and Master level teachers, librarians, and administrators developing specialized teaching tools, using some of the world's greatest educational resources, teachers are able to provide up to date, world class learning opportunities to their classes, saving valuable time.

There has never been a learning/teaching aid with so many time saving tools in one collection. Curriculum Builder offers a complete curriculum using only exceptional web sites, School Tools provides a separate pop-up screen of 19 different reference icons, My INET is a customizable, interactive web page for each teacher or administrator, and Homework Help is available from INET staff members to students every weekday.

With time savers like monthly themes and suggested activities, easy to build individual web sites, standardized practice tests, lesson plans, whole web-text curriculum with quizzes, and researchers always available for research help, teachers will teach more with less preparation time. INET Classroom gives teachers a better, more efficient approach; learning improves and test scores go up. The oldest and largest Virtual Resource Center in America makes technology work in the classroom, providing better tools for better education.


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