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Rating Criteria

5 Star Rating

  • Content is easy to navigate
  • The site is quick
  • There are no links to either irrelevant or pornographic material
  • There is just one or very few banner ads and the ads relate to the educational arena
  • The site must appear to be attractive yet rich in content
  • Creative use of video or graphics that relate to the subject area
  • There are many activities for the learner and user and the content is deep and credible
  • All educational materials must be relevant to today's classroom
  • Sites should be related to the national educational standards in math, science, social studies, and English
  • The content and the activities in the site must be unique and challenging to the user so one will come back and use the content and activities time after time
  • This ranking is reserved for the very best sites

4 Star Rating

  • Still an attractive site
  • The content must be rich, but not as clickably deep as a 5 star site
  • Site must be quick and easily navigable
  • No banner ads or very few and they must be educationally related
  • Sites must be current with today's educational standards
  • Multimedia activities must be creatively developed and helpful to the user
  • There must be levels of activities throughout the site

3 Star Rating

  • This is considered an average site
  • Content is more important with these sites than the site's appearance
  • These sites could have been devised by a teacher or by someone with an interest in providing educational content
  • Site still must be quick
  • Banner ads must be relevant to the material
  • The site must be easy to understand with clearly understood goals
  • The site can be a one topic site (this means the site can be a short report on a famous person or on some topic in science or math or other credible field of knowledge)
  • Eductional Content must still be related to today's classroom and indirectly related to educational standards

2 Star Rating

  • Also an average site
  • Content can be accepted if it is credible but not indirectly or directly related to educational standards (often these types of sites can be educational organizations or not necessarily content providers but sites that can lead the user to content sites)
  • The sites still must be credible and quality sites, but the content should be considered supportive to subject areas and not critical to the user or the teacher

1 Star Rating

  • Also an average site, but lacking in depth, not usability
  • The content still must have an attraction for the teacher or the student or any user, but the site does not need to be considered critical or one that demands a user to visit time and time again
  • The content must be credible and considered information that one would need in some field of study or in some skill area
  • Ancillary information only
  • The types of sites that could qualify under this ranking would be 'how-to' sites (i.e.., Laying Floor Tile) or one-page view type sites that provide quick information in general areas of knowledge



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