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Thank you so very much for taking the time to provide my secondary methods students with a tour of the features of the INET Library. Their need to know of available quality resources becomes more urgent as these future educators begin the process of writing content area unit plans and interdisciplinary units. Tuning them in to INET's features such as sample assessment documents, curriculum guides, learning materials, instructional strategies, and student activities will augment their network of resources and tremendously assist them as they undertake the processes of designing units, lessons, and assessment instruments.

I also appreciated the opportunity to get reacquainted with INET's superb distinctive elements for teachers at all levels. Your presentation and adept answering of my sutdent's questions with respect to how INET Library will reduce the amount of times they spend negotiating your website, and searching the Internet for quality resources is most appreciated by us all.

Please accept this thank you from me personally and on behalf of my students for your time, cordiality and the excellent information you provided. I hope that I may call on you again in the future to speak to methods students about the features of INET Library.

Most gratefully,

Dr. Tim J. Sharer
Associate Professor
Division of Education
Wayne State College

As a new subscriber to INET Library our STMS teachers are so pleased with this fabulous new resource that makes it very easy to access an amazing wealth of information. The teachers are excited and so are the students. I have taken an entire class into the computer lab to use INET Library and the students were also thrilled with INET Library's ease of use and quality sites.

INET Library's staff has been most helpful. I have had to call Steve Biley several times and he has been completely supportive. Bravo!

Lois P. Nicholson,
Media Specialist

As our district moves from an industrial age model into an information age system of teaching and learning, INET Library continues to be a valuable resource to connect our small, rural district to the vast world beyond our school house walls. Going from a one-size fits all school system to an educational one-stop shopping center could not be accomplished without technology, and the INET Library fits perfectly into our vision of developing individual education plans for every student.

Milt Dougherty

Last spring out school looked at the INET Library on preview for several months and decided as a district to purchase it for the 2000-01 year. So far, our classes at the high school have been coached on how to use this service when they come into the library to do any type of research (they also use it on their own time). Students use this for many types of projects, and because of the SEARCH function, it makes locating information easy, and boolean searching can be used too (power search). Some of our students like using the homepage on a daily basis, because of the national and international news for current events. Our teachers have told me how much they like using the lesson plans and curriculum builder. INET Library is like one stop shopping, because of the current events, reference (in the Library page), homework help, and personal (home life) sections. It seems like this service is getting better by the day!

Jeanette Lizotte
Bow High School
Bow, New Hampshire

Just a note to tell you how happy our entire school is with INET Library. For years I've searched for a dynamic tool to put in the hands of parents and teachers to help with Internet research. INET Library is that tool! Your weekly up-dates are great and relieve me of the burden of trying to keep our faculty on the cutting edge with educational sites. Our science department loves the curriculum builder added this summer. Again, INET Library is the best product for my schools and is a must for my students.

Thanks so much,

Philip Dietrich
Technology Director
Rocky Mount Academy

Thank you for bringing INET Library to my attention and for making it available for our use. It is a tremendous resource with unlimited potential to be of assistance to teachers and students alike. As Director of Technology for Teacher Education in the School of Education at the University of South Carolina at Spartanburg, I am constantly looking for the best products and services to recommend for use by our faculty and students. INET Library is one of the best Internet resources I have seen.

You have brought together an incredible collection of some of the best web sites on the Internet. As our students are preparing to become teachers, they need access to the latest information and technologies so they will be prepared to lead their students. INET Library will be a tremendous resource to them in this process. Thanks again for making it available to us and best wishes in your efforts to improve education..


J. Tom Davis, Ed.D.
Director of Technology for Teacher Education
University of South Carolina, Spartanburg, SC

I want to thank you for introducing me to INET Library. It has been a brilliant addition to the Library resources here at Russell Junior High school.

I am especially impressed by the wide range of capabilities it offers.

I can point teachers to lesson plans, students to web pages for research, and browsers to educational games.

One of the finest aspects is the layout itself. As I help students navigate the site, I find that the pathfinding aspect of the page is immensely helpful to hone information skills. We talk about the subdivisions, headings, and the way the individual pages have been categorized and refereed.

Teachers who have asked me for new approaches to lessons have found the lesson plans particularly helpful.

One overwhelmed new teacher was helped enormously on an Egypt lesson by using Mr. Donn's website, found under the History lesson plans. I have also pointed frazzled math teachers to golf-infused lesson plans.

The world history teacher sent students to print out their names in heiroglyphics without giving them the site address to use. I used the INET links to ancient Egypt, found it almost immediately, and now live in the hearts and minds of the students as Robo-Librarian! Thanks for giving me the street credibility I need!

Yours Gratefully,

Lisa Denton

Lisa Denton Library Media Specialist
KidsConnect Volunteer

KidsConnect is a component of ICONnect, a technology initiative of the American Association of School Librarians, a division of the American Library Association. KidsConnect is offered in partnership with the Information Institute of Syracuse, Syracuse University, and is underwritten by Microsoft Corporation.




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